How to Find Available Government Grants

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A government grant is not an entitlement or a benefit. It is an award of financial assistance given to a recipient to accomplish a public purpose of stimulation or support authorized by a law of the United States, according to There are more than 1,000 grants available from 26 federal agencies for groups of organizations in various categories, such as government, education, public housing, non-profit, for-profit as well as small businesses and individuals.

Go to the website. Click “Find Grant Opportunities” under “Quick Links.”

Find available government grants by keyword, using the “Basic Search” link. You can also use this link if you know the “Funding Opportunity Number (FON) or the “Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number. Enter the keyword or number and click “Search.”

Use the “Browse by Category” function to find government grants for specific categories, such as “Business and Commerce,” “Agricultural” and “Employment, Labor and Training.” Select the category to view grant opportunities.

Click on the “Browse by Agency” link to search for grants from specific government agencies. Pick the agency to find available grants.

Use the “Advanced Search” link to search by more criteria, such as “Eligibility” and “Sub Agencies.” Select your search options and click “Search.”

Click on the “Opportunity title” to learn critical details such as the closing date, eligibility rules and grant description. Make note of the title and numbers of government grants you find.

Click “Get Registered” under “Quick Links.” Select either “Individual Registration” or “Organization Registration,” depending on your situation and the type of government grant you want. This is important since you can only apply for grants offered in the type you selected. Go through the registration process.

Click “Apply for Grants”. Download a grant package, complete the grant application and submit the completed grant package. Use the “Track My Application” link to check the status.