Trucking companies often need funding to help cover the cost of truck repairs, increase the number of employees, or retrofit for lower emissions for fleets. If your trucking company needs to increase its funding, applying for trucking company grants may help.

Determine your trucking company needs and the specific amount of funding they would take.

Search for grants by using the Foundation Center grants database ( Click on "Find Funders" and then "Foundation Directory Online." You will need to subscribe in order to access the database.

Access the free federal grants database, At, choose “Find Grant Opportunities” to search for grants by keyword, category or government agency.

Search for trucking company grants through the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Identify the grant opportunity that best matches your trucking company’s need by reviewing the grant synopsis.

Register for a DUNS number, a nine digit Dun & Bradstreet number that will help identify your company during the application process. Use your tax identification number, address and other business information to apply for a DUNS number. Wait at least four weeks before calling to follow up if you have not yet received your DUNS Number.

Download the grant opportunity from or request an application form from a private foundation to apply for a trucking company grant. Request the application package from the foundation if you used the Foundation Center database.

Gather important documentation about your trucking company, including tax records from the previous three years, your business plan that formally states the goals and plan of action, tax identification number and other data.

Research trucking companies that act as competitors in your market, such as those that transport similar goods or those that have the same delivery regions as your company. Study industry standards for emission rates and have your trucks tested. Gather these and other statistics when creating your grant proposal.

Write out the history of your trucking company, including the year you founded it and what you have accomplished to date. For instance, if you have expanded your fleet by 30 percent in the last few years, state that in your application.

State the need that you have regarding your trucking company and the amount of money needed. Explain how you may allocate the funds, if received, and how it will benefit your trucking company. If your company requests a grant to lower emissions, explain the current state of emissions and compare with other trucking companies.

Discuss how your emissions retrofitting will benefit your company by lowering overall costs, increasing employment, or other methods. Connect your need with the funder’s area of interest. If the grant program is environmental, focus on the environmental impact of lowering emissions for your trucking company.

Outline the goals, objectives and timeline for your trucking company. If you want to expand your fleet, you should demonstrate the goal or outcome that you expect and the timeline that you have in mind for your trucking company. Include a plan for evaluating your goals and objectives, including the methodology or technique you will use to determine the success of your project.

Provide information on key board members or staff that will contribute to the completion of your project. Discuss their education and experience that will help your company succeed.

Develop a budget for the grant proposal that outlines the income and expenses for the project by line item. Outline the expenses of the trucks, salaries for employees, material costs, supplies, insurance or other expenses for the grant request. Include a copy of your next fiscal year's budget.

Apply to the grant funding opportunity by submitting your application to the foundation or appropriate government agency. Foundations will require a mailed or online submission for the grant request. Government agencies will use the grant database,


Most trucking company grants are available through the United States government, which will require that you submit an application via the Federal Grants website,


Avoid applying for trucking company grants at the last minute, as they often require extensive planning and budgeting.