While you can't write directly on cork bulletin boards the way you can on dry erase bulletin boards, you can tack notes, pictures and memos directly onto the board. But cork boards can become ineffective if they aren't cared for properly.

Things You Will Need
  • Cork bulletin board

  • Thumb tacks

  • Paper to hang (memos, pictures, etc.)

Step 1.

When removing a thumb tack from a cork bulletin board, pull the tack straight out of the board. If you pull it at an angle, you might take a larger chunk of cork from the board. If you pull it straight out, the tack will leave only a tiny hole.

Step 2.

Only tack permanent or long-term notes and pictures to your cork bulletin board. Use sticky notes for brief, short-term notes. That minimizes the amount of holes you poke into the board and lengthens the life of the board.

Step 3.


Tack multiple items with the same tack. You don't need one tack for every corner of every piece of paper you post. Overlap pages and use one set of tacks for two sheets of paper or photos. This will limit the number of holes you put in the board.

Step 4.

Take responsibility for the care of your cork bulletin board. Exercise each of these rules and don't be afraid to correct a co-worker or friend if they don't care for the cork bulletin board in the proper way.