How to Find Grants For The Disabled

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Government grants are available to help disabled people with a variety of needs.

Individuals with disabilities may find various government and private funded grants to help with health care costs, vehicle modification, education, a career change, housing and home repairs. A few may help pay for living necessities like clothing a food.

If you are not working (you may still be able to make up to $900 a month and still be considered unemployed) and you feel you cannot work, the first step to getting government grant help would be to go to your local family services office to fill out papers to receive Social Security disability payment. You can also fill out an application online through the link in the References section. You must do this step first because it can help qualify you for more grant assistance. This step takes awhile, though, so you can keep looking while your application for Social Security disability relief is still pending.

If you are not working and would like to or need help adjusting to your current job, go to your local vocational rehabilitation center. VR can help with health care costs if it help make you more employable; with vehicle modification to allow you to drive to work; and it can pay for education to prepare you for an achievable job goal. It may even may help pay for living necessities while you wait for your first paycheck.

If you are a disabled veteran, contact your local Veterans Administration office to determine what grants you may be eligible for. The VA has the funding to do similar grants but may also be able to pay living expenses while you attend college or training programs.

Contact the local Department of Housing and Urban Development office and the Rural Housing Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for information on housing grants for individuals with disabilities.

Research and join groups and organizations built around the disabilities you may have. Some common ones are the Association of The Blind, the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association. Many organizations that are built around illnesses and disabilities have professional grant seekers who help find grant money to help their members.

Check, a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The site maintains a searchable database of government grants of all kinds. You may be able to find grants there that fit your unique situation.


  • If your disability has to do with sight, contact the Rehabilitation Services for the Blind instead of The Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

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