An street address indicates where a person resides. Finding someone’s address can be an important task. People may wish to verify that someone lives at a specific place for a variety of reasons. Such reasons may include to ensure that a person’s child can attend school in a certain district or to renew contact with a long-lost parent. There are many ways to find such information without the necessity of paying for it.

Step 1.

Look up the person’s name in the local white pages of your phone book. Every year nearly every American household will get an updated copy of a phone book with a white pages directory, which contains addresses listed alphabetically by a person's last name. The white pages can be helpful but may not be comprehensive. People can opt out of being listed if they choose to do so.

Step 2.

Use the website, which allows you to search for people by their last names. Listings often contain address information as well as a person’s phone number. The advantages to this option is that you can search for people all across the nation and are not limited by geographical area.

Step 3.

Use Lexis-Nexis. Lexis-Nexis is a subscription database that lets users search for people by their last names. Very often the system will contain a list of all addresses ever occupied by a specific person, including their current address. While Lexis-Nexis does charge for access, many libraries across the nation have a subscription, so you may be able to obtain access to the database by simply asking for it at local library. If your local library does not have a subscription, ask a librarian to contact a library that does have access and have someone there perform a search for you at no cost.

Step 4.

You can search for people by their last names at, a website run by Verizon.

Step 5.

Check on Facebook, a social networking site that allows users to search for people and then designate them as friends. Users may place their address in their online profile. There are similar social networking sites, such as Friendster.