How to Make Free Printable Yard Sale Signs

A sign can be the difference between a successful garage sale and a failed one. If your signs are too hard to read, poorly placed or don't direct the prospective customer to your sale then how are you going to make any money? Have no fear; it's easy to make free printable yard sale signs that are professional, eye catching and contain all the necessary information.

Determine how many printable yard sale signs you'll need by looking at a local street map. In local areas, a one-mile radius is usually adequate. Focus on major roads for initial placement.

Determine how many left and right turns someone will need to make to get from that road to your yard sale. Mark down the numbers so you won't forget.

Think about using colored construction paper for your signs. Orange paper seems to attract a lot of attention and black ink is easily read on it.

Open a Paint program. Landscape the page. Wide signs are typically easier to read than long signs.

Design a sign. The most important information should be done in large, bold letters. Make sure the sign says "Yard Sale." Include days and dates: "Friday and Saturday, January 10 and 11." Next, include your addess. Leave a fairly large space at the bottom.

Place, at angles and at a smaller font size than the important information, some examples of what you will have, such as video games, electronics, baby clothing and furniture.

Include, at the very bottom of the sign, an arrow directing people to the event. You'll want to print as many right and left pointing garage sale signs as you need, according to the number of signs you produce.

Put the printed signs up the afternoon before the yard sale. Friday night is when most die-hard garage salers will be out looking for signs; you want yours in place by then.


  • Be sure to include the date of the yard sale. Many signs don't have this and people pass them up since they aren't sure if it's the current weekend or just a sign leftover from the previous weekend. You may need to have some forward pointing arrows, as well.


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