Ever wanted to start an ice cream business? The first thing you will need is an ice cream truck to market and sell your ice cream. Making an ice cream truck is not as hard as it may seem; follow these instructions to get started.

Things You Will Need
  • Donor Vehicle (Truck or Van)

  • Automotive P.A. Equipment or Siren Equipment

  • Chest Freezer

  • Electrical Power Inverter

  • Heavy Duty Bungee Cables or Chain

  • Decals or Paint

Have all maintenance performed on the donor vehicle, including changing the belts, tires and fluids. The vehicle will be accumulating a lot of miles and you need to make sure it is road ready.

Install an automotive professional audio (P.A.) system (check with an audio or electronics shop). The system needs to include an exterior speaker to play music.

Install the chest freezer using the power outlet inverter. The inverter will need to be connected to a power outlet in the vehicle, and the freezer will plug into the converter. Have the freezer secured by installing hooks and utilizing heavy duty automotive bungee cables or a heavy duty chain.

Have colorful decals and product stickers made to make sure the truck is identifiable as an ice cream truck. If custom decals do not fit within the budget, use colorful paints suitable for use on steel.

Check with your city's licensing department to see if any special licensing is needed to do business out of the vehicle.


Utilize an extension cord to plug the freezer into when you are not using the vehicle; leaving it plugged into the power inverter will run the battery down.