How to Write an Effective Business Communication Email

Business women and men are extremely stressed these days. Any successful business communication email must be concise, clear, and actionable (in the sense that it can be implemented). Read on for step-by-step assistance in writing effective business communication emails.


Complete the To line LAST! It's the only way to ensure that all of the following steps are completed properly before you press Send prematurely!


Make the Subject line meaningful. Remember in managing business communication emails, we often search for a keyword. Be sure that any relevant keywords are in the subject line.

If the subject changes, be sure to change the Subject line! Even if you are continuing an email string, if the topic of the email is no longer represented by the original Subject, overwrite it with a more appropriate Subject.


Be concise in your communication. Know your message, know your audience, and know your purpose. This will save time for everyone.

Be professional. Remember, business emails can be subpoenaed, so even if you use a friendly tone or if you are angry, keep things professional.

If you are asking for more than one person to take action, use the person's name at the beginning of the request.
BILL - please read and sign off on the attachment to this email. CC everyone on your approval. KAREN - Once Bill has signed off, please forward the attachment to Quality Control.

Use spellcheck only as a first proof of your email. Manually read your email thoroughly and carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.


Always include your electronic signature with contact information. Even if the recipient of the business communication email knows who you are, it saves time if your phone number is included. It may also be useful to the recipient if you include your corporate title and department name.


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