How to Make Your Own Coupons

Do you want to make your own coupons? Maybe you want to create personalized coupons for your friends or loved ones. Or, maybe you own a business through which you need to make your own coupons to attract customers. Either way, the steps below can give you some guidance on how you can get started.

Purchase Microsoft Office. Before you can do anything, you must purchase a copy of Microsoft Office. If you don't using their templates might be illegal. So, be on the safe side and go on and purchase the software.

Visit Office Online. The exact URL has been provided in the Resources section.

Enter in 'coupons ' in the Search box. In order to use Office Online to make your own coupons you've got to locate the exact page they're on. Now, if you follow the site's navigation, it's possible you can do this without the search function. But it's just so much harder. That's why I recommend just performing a general search to find what you need.

Search through the coupons. All of the coupons on Office Online are known as templates. This is when you use a preformatted document to enter in whatever information you desire. So, once the coupon page is up, look through and see which ones you want. The personalized coupons tend to be at the top while the commercial ones are towards the bottom. So, you if you want to make your own coupons for commercial purposes you're going to have to do some searching.

Download the coupon and load it into Word. You will need to ensure that Microsoft Office Online ActiveX is installed or else you won't be able to download your coupons in the easiest manner.


  • If you don't have Microsoft Online ActiveX, you're going to have to use WinZip or another file compression utility to unzip your coupon file(s).


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