State-specific laws control limited liability companies (LLCs). While these laws may vary slightly, when the members of an LLC wish to change the name of the LLC, practically every state requires an amendment to be filed for that LLC with the state’s business corporations division. Most states provide amendment forms that LLC members can use; note that you can draft your own LLC amendment and file it with your state’s business corporations division.

Step 1.

Visit your state’s business corporations division website and search for “LLC amendment” forms. Alternatively, you can draft your own document; using a title such as “Certificate of Amendment to the Articles of Organization.”

Step 2.

Write the original name of your LLC on line 1 of the form. Include the identification number assigned to your LLC by the state when you originally formed your LLC. List the date you filed the original Articles of Organization.

Step 3.

Write the number of articles you are amending. Most state forms require you to list the name of your LLC in Article 1 of the Articles of Organization; if this is the case for your state, write “1” under the section titled “Article [blank] of the Articles of Organization is hereby amended to read as follows:”

Step 4.

Write the new name of your LLC in the amendment section. Note that your LLC name must not promote illegal activity, be similar to other business names, and must contain an “identifier” at the end such as “LLC”, “limited liability company”, or “limited.”

Step 5.

Indicate that this amendment was approved by the LLC. Sign and date the form. Submit it to your state’s business corporations division.


There are three examples of LLC amendment forms in the resources section. Use these as a guide if you choose to draft your own amendment to change your LLC name. Note that you must check the laws in your state to ensure that you provide enough information in the amendment form to properly amend and change your LLC name.