Anyone who is handy with a sewing machine, or a needle and thread, can earn additional income with sewing. People have a constant need for a large variety of items, from toys to window coverings. They also need help with alterations, customizations and repairs. If you have basic to expert sewing skills, you can offer various sewing services from your home in your spare time.

Step 1.

Design custom clothing for people. Also offer your services to groups that require a special type of clothing, such as period reenactment groups and local sports teams.

Step 2.

Examine current fashion styles and make copies to sell. You can sell the clothes online, on websites such as eBay and Etsy, or locally, through a boutique or at craft shows. Let customers know that you can customize these items to their size, fabric and other needs.

Step 3.

Offer alterations services. This is an especially useful service for people who do not know how to sew, do not enjoy it or do not have the time for it. Charge a fee for the service based on the item and the level of complexity for the alteration.

Step 4.

Make soft toys for children. You can sell the toys at local events, through a boutique or online.

Step 5.

Sew interior household accessories, such as curtains, pillows and bedsheets. You can also offer repair services for such items.

Step 6.

Teach others to sew. For instance, offer a sewing class for beginners or children in the evenings or on weekends. You could make arrangements with a local fabric and crafts store to teach the class on its behalf, or you could conduct the class from your home.

Step 7.

Make patterns for your designs and sell them online. The patterns could be for clothing, soft toys or home accessories.

Step 8.

Advertise your services to attract customers. For instance, create a blog or website, post fliers around your neighborhood and hand out business cards.