Many businesses use 800 numbers to save their customers the cost of long-distance fees when calling the company. 800 numbers are easily obtained through various 800 number providers. The key is to shop around and get the best rate for the toll-free number. Examples of toll-free number providers are Phone People, RingCentral and (see Resources for links.)

Once the 800 number has been ordered and secured through a provider, the voice mail is set up for the number and calls are forwarded to a working telephone for the business. The business may choose to have all toll-free calls go directly to the designated voice mail box, or they may have the calls forwarded to the chosen business phone.

Things You Will Need
  • Phone to receive the toll-free calls

  • 800 number provider

Step 1.

Shop around and select the best toll-free number provider for your business.

Step 2.

Complete the application. Most have an online application process.

Step 3.

Designate the phone the toll-free calls will forward to and associate this number with the new toll-free number in the application.

Step 4.

Provide payment arrangements and complete the order process.

Step 5.

Set up the voice mail box on the toll-free number. Set all configuration options for forwarding and voice mail. Many services have a web-based interface for setting up the toll-free service details.

Step 6.

Begin using your new 800 number for your business.


Many toll-free services use 866, 877 and 888 prefixes -- as well as other configurations.