How to Get Free Personal Cash Grants From Philanthropists


Learn how to get a free personal cash grant from philanthropists.

In today's money centered society it is hard to believe you can still get something for free. In fact, many people are unaware of free personal cash grants that are being made available to thousands of people just like you every day.

This is not a gimmick or some ploy to get you to buy something but rather this article aims to show you how you can get a free personal cash grant from philanthropists.

You can get grants for living expenses, medical bills, education, tax bills, legal services, debt repayment and groceries just to name a few.

There are business grants of up to $250,000, education grants up to fifty thousand dollars, and Pell grants of up to $200,000.

Here is how you go about getting your free cash grant.

Identify your need. Do you want to start your own business? Maybe you want to attend university. Do you have a medical need? Make a list of your most pressing needs and target the one thing that a free personal cash grant from philanthropists will help the most with and one that cannot be met any other way. The best chance of being successful in your application is by identifying a relevant need.

Find your benefactor. The internet is invaluable for providing a wealth of information regarding whom to approach for your free personal cash grant. For some grants, you will want to approach foundations that specialize in your particular need but do not limit yourself to just one.

Approach all those who are offering cash grants because you may never know which agency will respond favorably. In particular, check out Federal Pell Grants from the Government. This type of grant is education based but can be claimed for a multitude of needs. This type of grant is an entitlement so if you meet the criteria you are guaranteed to receive one and better yet, it does not have to be repaid since it is not a loan.

Sell your situation. The key to success invariably lies in a great application. Many agencies may receive dozens of applications a day so it is imperative that your application stands out. Remember the following tips. Keep your application brief and honest. Outline your idea or need, and how you plan to use any money granted. Include a budget and or financial plan.

Explain why you are applying for a free personal cash grant and why it is important that you are approved. Provide backup documentation such as bank statements, tax documents and any other supporting information that will prove what you say in your statement and make sure you have any documentation that they require.

Don't give up. If you are turned down by one agency, do not assume you will not be accepted elsewhere or even by the same agency at a later stage. Find out why you were declined and see if there is anything you could do differently in your next application to get a free personal cash grant.

Always check out the basic criteria before applying for any grant. There is nothing more frustrating that going to all the effort of making a great application only to find you do not qualify because you have applied for an out of state grant aimed at local residents.

There is a wealth of money available for those who know how to get it. Do your homework, research what is available to you and start preparing your plan to claim your free personal cash grant from philanthropists. What have you got to lose?

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