How to Change your permanent address

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Changing your permanent address is a simple process that can be done in person at the post office or online. You can even give hand the change of address form directly to your mail carrier. Fill out the form at least two weeks before and no more than three months before your move.

Obtain the PS Form 3575 from your local post office and complete the form there. You can access the form via the United States Postal Service website. At the time of publication, there is $1.00 verification fee to complete the form online.

Check the box marked "Permanent" on the form. Permanent address changes will forward magazine and newspaper subscriptions to your new address for 60 days. Mail is forwarded to your new address for 12 months. Sign the form when you are done adding your new information.


Fill out permanent change of address forms for each person who is moving with you.


Use the same form for temporary changes of address. Mail is forwarded to the new address up to 90 days.




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