How to Create a Catalog Price List

A catalog is a list or itemized display of products intended for sale. Creating a catalog and a price list helps your visitors and potential customers gain insight as to what kind of products you sell and how much they will spend on a particular item on your catalog. Most catalogs contain product descriptions, availability in terms of color, size, model, etc, as well as pictures. These elements all contribute to the success of a sale of any one of your products.


Decide on the products to put on your catalog then gather all information you have on your product like color, dimensions, product number, etc. Anything you think will add value and entice potential customers to buy your product. You can browse at existing catalogs to get an idea of what information you need.

Write product descriptions. With the information you have on each product, write a compelling product description making sure that what you’re writing is the truth. You do not want just instant buyers, you also want repeat business.

Build your price list. You just don’t want to slap on a price for every product on your catalog. You want it to be able to keep track of price changes and keep your catalog up to date as well. You can do this on a simple spreadsheet program like MS Excel where you can compute sales margins, discounts, and promos.

Open your MS Excel program and go to an empty spreadsheet. Label your columns appropriately and according to information you think is pertinent to your business, like Product Name, Product Code, Quantity, Color, and of course, Price.

Create a visual layout of your catalog. You can use any graphic application like Adobe Photoshop. Make it eye-catching and visually interesting. Fill it out with your product descriptions and price list. If you have blank spots fill it up with more company information, product images, tips, testimonials, and special offers.

Produce a sample print out of the catalog. This allows you to preview of how it would look like on paper as well as lets you proofread for any mistakes.

If you are planning it to remain as a digital copy, save it in a non-editable format like PDF document. You can distribute this online as a downloadable copy or in a CD for shipping.


  • You can use pre-packaged software for developing a catalog and a price list such as My Business Catalog or Create a Catalog. Having a product catalog also helps your sales agents to easily and effectively sell your product. It becomes a visual aid to further emphasize the good points of your product. You’ll reach more market if you make your product catalog available online, plus, it is easier to update.


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