How to Find Small Business Grants for Veterans

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Many individuals who decide to start a business, or who already own a business, find they lack the necessary funding to make the business grow the way it should. For situations like this, government and other types of grants are wonderful resources. Finding a grant can help your business thrive. For veterans, there are several available different avenues for funding small businesses.

Contact the Small Business Administration, SBA. The SBA is widely recognized as one of the best resources for small business owners. Among the helps the organization offers to would-be entrepreneurs are grants and loans. You can find your local SBA chapter at or simply visit the official site at

Visit Veterans Affairs. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA, may also be a great resource for you. While the VA does not give grants and typically handles more medical situations, it can nevertheless provide solid information regarding grants and opportunities. In fact, the VA will often provide extra assistance that allows veterans to obtain the things they need, such as grants or loans. Contact your local VA about helping you obtain a small business grant or at least pointing you in the right direction.

Check This website contains an up-to-date listing of all grants the U.S. government offers, including business grants. Often, these grants are designated for specific individuals or people in specific regions. Using the keyword search tool on the site, search for grants for both businesses and veterans. Spend time going through the results and checking the details to see if these grants are relevant to your needs. If so, you can also obtain an application via the site.

Check and perform a keyword search tool to look for grants. This is another site that maintains up-to-date listing of grants available through the U.S. government for individuals to start or maintain a business. Search to find relevant grants and use the information you find to complete applications for small business grants.


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