How to Count Money- Paper Bills

We might find that we have a large number of bills maybe after a yard sale. There is an easy way to organize and accurately count your money so you do not feel overwhelmed by the process.

Sorting The Money

Sort out all the denominations into separate stacks. Take each stack and turn each bill facing in the same direction. Then holding the stack loosely in your hands with the bills facing you like a sandwich, then start loosely dropping or tapping the edge of stack on the table, and while doing that tap the end of the bills. This should straighten the stack and pack the bills together. Place the stack aside. Do this for each denomination.

Counting The Money

To count each stack, hold the stack in one hand and count with the other. To do this, use your index finger and your thumb to grasp a bill at a time. When you do so feel the bill carefully to insure it is a single bill. Place the single bill and count by the denomination, like this: five, ten fifteen..., etc. Your speed and repetition will increases as you go.

Bundled Money

You want to stop once your stack reaches 50 note marks. In your bill count that would be: $1=$50, $5=$250, $10-$500, $20=$1,000. Once you reach one of these marks, wrap your stack in a rubber band, or money strap or band if you have it. Put aside any remaining stacks of bills. Banding these in this way will make counting much easier as you already have the majority of the money counted. Just count the bundles larger to smaller. Then count the remaining bills the same way. Add it all together. There you go.


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