How to Successfully Advertise and Market Your Handyman Business

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People have busy schedules and many don't have time to do their own repairs around the house. If you're thinking of starting your own handyman business, you can get the word out about your services and drum up business with a few different marketing techniques.

Look to other small businesses as a source of business. Daycares, restaurants or beauty shops need low cost repairs. They are less likely to have contracts with large, franchise repair services.

Post flyers and send out postcards to houses in upscale neighborhoods. You can even leave flyers in other businesses such as coffee shops. Pass out business cards to local businesses.

Contact apartment building managers and let them know that you are available to help when the apartment repair employees are overloaded with work. You can even offer to train apartment staff on repairs they may not be familiar with. Offer competitive prices as an incentive for return business.

Have your business name clearly marked on your trunk with magnetic signs or vinyl lettering. When you arrive at a job, people will see that you are running a professional and legitimate business, giving you instant credibility.

Wear a shirt with your business name and logo on it and have your employees do the same. This is another technique to show customers that you are running a professional business.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Offer to write a small article for their newsletter with timely or seasonal handyman tips. This can help you establish yourself as an expert in the field.

Create a website so that consumers can get a chance to learn about who you are and the repair services you offer.

Ask for referrals from current customers and friends. Ask them tell friends and family about their positive experience with your service.


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