Dell 1700/1710 printers have issues with multiple paper jams. The jams quickly become so frequent that use of the printer is impossible. The solution is very simple in most cases, and the part needed to resolve the issue is inexpensive. However, the ordering of the part and the shipping are going to take a while. If you need to be printing now, the instructions here will enable even a non-technical person to stop the jams with in five minutes, double the life span of the part, and keep your cash in hand a little while longer.

Step 1.

Shut off your printer using the toggle switch in the back. Remove the call cable, power and data.

Step 2.


Take out the paper tray. If you use a second tray, lift the printer from it and set the second tray aside. Turn the printer onto its side.

Step 3.


You should be able to see a black T-shaped arm. This is an auto-compensator assembly.

Step 4.


Each tip of the T has rubber tires. This is your problem. The tires wear out and don't grip the paper. Gently slip the tires from each end of the assembly.

Step 5.

You now have three ways to proceed. 1.) If they are just gummed up, clean the tires with a mild soap solution. 2.) If the tires are worn, turn the tires inside out; there is a better thread on the inside. 3.) Replace the tires with new ones.

Step 6.

Slip back on the cleaned, reversed or new tires onto the assembly. Go back through the steps in reverse to reassemble your printer.


Dell 1700 Feed Roller (tires) part number: J4465. Cleaned tires will not last as long as reversed ones. Reversed tires last as long as new tires.
If you plan to keep the printer, you will need the tires sooner or later so order a set before paper jams make the printer unusable.


It's very tempting not to bother powering down a printer or to leave the cables in place during repairs. This can result in injuries.