Selling spa products from home is a lucrative business. You can do it part-time or full-time, depending on your availability. The flexibility it allows makes it a great business for mothers who stay at home or freelance professionals. It can also be an extra income source even for those who are working full-time hours. Selling spa products involves more than just having passion for luxury and relaxation--knowledge of the basics and a keen business mind are needed to get your business off the ground.

Things You Will Need
  • List of spa product distributors

  • Membership and enrollment

  • Start-up money

  • Marketing materials

Step 1.

Become an agent of a distributor. It is easier for you to start with products that already have a name. Companies like Avon and the Body Shop offer their sales agents various incentives for promoting and selling their products. Learn the products thoroughly, and try some of them yourself so that you can inform your customers based on personal experience with the product. You may want to check out companies that allow you to be independent, which allows you to sell competitor products, which will help you reach out to a greater market.

Step 2.

Buy the products and obtain memberships needed. Companies require you to enroll in a seller program, to help them keep track of your sales. These programs often have incentives such as free products and compensations for hitting certain goals. For starting costs, depending on the type of product, you may incur costs from a couple of hundred dollars. According to, start-up costs can range from $2,000 to $10,000. You may need to include other costs such as starting and maintaining a website, marketing and delivery costs.

Step 3.

Market your products. You need to let people know about your business; and to help you lower your expenses, you can obtain brochures and marketing materials from the distributor. You can then use these catalogs that will give your customers an overview of the products you sell. You may also want to network with local businesses in the service industry, so they can recommend you and your products to their clients.

Step 4.

Expand your services. You may want to add other products and services to your inventory. Spa products such as massagers, candles and music CDs complement the bath products that you will be selling. You may also offer consultation services in which you will advise your customers based on their personal preferences and situations. Make sure that you are following trends in the beauty industry, since products get updated often and new formulas come out often.

Step 5.

Grow your business. One of the most popular ways for a home-based seller of spa products to build a growing clientele is to host parties. The Body Shop and Avon have programs to help you host your own spa party with your friends and other people you know. Ask your friends to bring a guest or two to try your products, connect with them and keep them posted on updates such as discounts and sales.