How to Set Up a Work-At-Home Call Center

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Establishing a work-at-home call center requires careful consideration of the equipment you will use on a daily basis as well as the space that must accommodate it. Outfitting such an endeavor does not begin and end with a desk and a phone. You must create a workspace in which you might spend eight hours or longer on a daily basis. Designing your work area and thoughtfully choosing its equipment and furnishings at the start will ensure the highest level of productivity.

Carve out your space. Set a boundary between home and work. Convey clearly the idea to others in the home that when you are in that space you are in work mode.

Purchase a multi-line phone system that features call holding and, preferably, voice over Internet protocol, which can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

Buy a head set.

Designate either a separate computer or a user account for your work. Doing so helps to ensure security for data collected and facilitates accurate record keeping for tax filing purposes.

Acquire furniture that is not only comfortable but sufficiently supportive. Choose a padded, swiveling chair conducive to correct posture. Select a desk of proper height and relationship to the chair to ensure the least amount of physical stress over a full workday.

Buy adequate file space and supplies.


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