Owning a pickup truck opens the doors to moneymaking opportunities. In fact, many professional businesses began with one idea and a used truck. Whichever service you choose, from delivering firewood to plowing snow, make sure you check with your local government to determine the permits or insurance you need.

Moving Services

Post flyers near apartment complexes and college campuses before the end of each month advertising that you have a pickup truck for hire. If the idea of helping people haul boxes and furniture doesn't appeal to you, let your customers know that you're just the driver and that they have to load and unload their belongings themselves. If you want to help move heavy items, you can charge more. Rent or buy a hand truck and have a friend or two who want to earn extra money on call.

Junk Removal Services

With a pickup truck, a pair of quality work gloves and a strong back could bring in a tidy sum each week removing people's junk. Not only will people pay you to take items like stoves and refrigerators out of their homes, you can also make money selling some of this stuff after you haul it away. Scrap metal is valuable if you can find a local buyer. In addition, one person's junk may be a prized artifact to someone else. If you have an eye for dusty treasure, you could be on your way to a career in antique picking.

Retail Delivery Services

Hardware stores, furniture stores and grocery stores have customers who need deliveries, but not all retailers have the resources to offer this service. For a fee, either charged to the store or to the customer, you and your pickup truck could easily bridge this gap. Even if your local grocer won't advertise your delivery services to customers, he'll probably let you put a flyer on the store's bulletin board. Posting flyers in neighborhoods where there are a lot of seniors is another way to find customers.

Snow Removal Services

People who live in northern climates already know that paying someone to remove snow from a driveway can cost a few hundred dollars each season. If you outfit your pickup truck with a plow, you can quickly be on the receiving end of this arrangement, provided your schedule allows you to be free whenever the snow flies. Rigging your pickup can be expensive -- a new plow could cost $5,000. Gas, insurance and maintenance also add up. Reliability is key to this service, so it's important to keep your pickup well maintained.