Starting a roller skating business can be a very profitable opportunity. Often, skating rinks and any opportunity to roller skate become a focal point of the local community. This activity brings families together and provides quality time with children and friends. There is also the competitive aspect to conquer with roller hockey and roller derby.


Some of the strengths of the roller skating business is that it provides inexpensive, family-centered entertainment. Most roller skating rinks are not cost prohibitive to the users, and people of all ages can enjoy the activity. Roller skating provides good exercise and is relatively safe. The business also allows for competition through becoming a price leader, or differentiating yourself based on various business opportunities and the use of new technology.


According to the Roller Skating Association of America, roller skating revenue from new entries has declined over the past five years, as of January 2011. The size of the building and the amenities offered could contribute to that decline, and could also be considered a weakness. While roller skating is a popular activity in a niche, it is not popular among the masses like soccer or basketball. There are no prominent college or professional teams offering free marketing and exposure.


An investment in new technology is always an opportunity in small business. By bringing the latest roller skates, music and video technology, and rink conditions and atmosphere, you can secure new opportunities with additional tech-savvy customers. Expanding the facility and making sure that amenities outpace those of your competitors is also an opportunity. Having flexible rates, along with fair prices at market value, will go a long way toward ensuring a stable stream of customers.


Competitors have weathered the economic storm by deeply discounting rental and usage fees. This has resulted in the same number of customers, but much less revenue. To remain competitive, other roller skating businesses nationally have had to employ the same tactics. Main threats to the business also include social media and video game technology. More people are forgoing physical activity for the comforts of their personal computer and gaming consoles. This translates into fewer customers and less revenue.