How to Make Bookmarks for Your Business on the Computer

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Kate Woods

Bookmarks are a very versatile marketing tool. They're relatively inexpensive and easy to create. They are able to be used for any type of business and have just enough space to offer pertinent information in an interesting, eye-catching format. They are also relatively easy to create on your computer without a major investment of time. Businesses can advertise their services, products and concepts, announce sales or just add their name and contact information with an interesting picture that someone might enjoy using as a bookmark.

Open a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and open a new blank document.

Locate the option in the program to create your page setup. Set the page to the Landscape format. Set the margins to 1/2 to 1 inch for top and bottom margins, depending on how much content you want to include on each bookmark. Set the side margins to 1/4 inch.

Choose the option to create columns and select the number of columns based on the width of the bookmarks you would like to create. Four columns generally will give you the best results, with a generous printing area for content on each bookmark.

Enter and Insert your content. You can choose to insert a clip art picture, or a picture that you have saved on your computer in an acceptable format such as a jpg or gif format. Next, choose your text and add your advertising information, including your contact information. Be sure that it doesn't extend past the bottom of the first column area.

Highlight all of the information in the first column and copy it. Move your mouse pointer to the top of the second column and paste the information to the second column, and then the third and fourth columns. Be sure that the top of each column is lined up straight across. If not, use the "Enter" or "Delete" keys to make that adjustment.

Print your copies or save the file to a CD, disk or flash drive. Take it to a printing center to have copies printed. Cut the bookmarks apart with a paper cutter by cutting directly between the white spaces between each printed bookmark area.