How to Start a Beauty Products Home Business

If you already have an interest in beauty, skincare and style, then a beauty products business could make wonderful use of your knowledge and skill. You can either join an already existing business network, such as Arbonne or Mary Kay, or you can begin your own beauty products business by making and selling products or by purchasing them wholesale, repackaging them and selling the products individually.

Decide on the type of beauty products business you want to have. There are plenty of options. You can join a well-known marketing business, such as Mary Kay or Arbonne, or you can launch your own business with the products you choose. The latter option requires more risk, more work and more investment, but it has the potential to give you a greater return. You also will have greater control over what you sell and how you sell it.

Research the options. You'll be able to start sooner with an existing business, and you'll have name recognition immediately. However, you'll have more creativity and control when you start your own business, and you'll be able to tailor your products more specifically to your clients. Once you've decided the type of business you'll start, do some research on the possibilities. For an existing business, compare the initial cost to get started, the requirements (how many sales per month), the return (what percentage of the sales you receive) and the products. If you are starting your own business, check into the options for the products you will sell. You can either make your own products or buy them from wholesale suppliers and then resell them. Learn about how to make your own products by reading books about natural beauty and home-made beauty products. Learn about wholesale beauty suppliers by talking to staff at local salons about the beauty products they sell and where they get them, and by searching on the Internet for national suppliers.

Contact the existing business you want to join, if that is how you plan to proceed. You should be able to find a website or toll-free number to call and request literature. Read through all the fine print and be sure you understand the terms, then fill out the forms and return to the company, along with any necessary payment, so you can get started. Alternately, if you know someone who is already in the business you want to join, they can help you get started and they will probably get a boost in the business by doing so. If you are starting your own business, proceed to step 4.

Outline your basic vision, your products, your financial needs, how you will operate the business (will it be all you, or will you hire help?), how much profit you expect to make, how much inventory you need to sell to make that profit, what your expenses are, and what your business name will be. Be sure to register your business name so that you can legally operate with it. You can also open a bank account under the business name once it is registered with your state. Contact your Secretary of State's office for information on how to register a fictitious (business) name in your state.

Get your inventory in order. Order your supplies and create your products, or order your products from your wholesale supplier. Price them, package them and write descriptions of each one. Set up a system to keep track of how many items you have in your inventory, if they are paid for, and how often you need to reorder them. Keep in mind that many beauty products have expiration dates. Try not to over-order and run the risk of having inventory you can no longer sell because it has expired.

Start selling. Market your products anyway you can. Use the Internet: set up a website, get on social networking sites, and promote your products. Use local interaction: go to community events, host parties, have open houses, offer your products at local retailers. Get your friends and family involved: send an email to everyone you know, offer special promotions and discounts, ask for interest, ask for help spreading the word.

You'll be targeting mainly women with a beauty products business, so focus on marketing to ladies' groups, organizations, and events.