How Does a Person Become Incorporated?

Incorporating a business is the act of making a business officially registered with the state in which the business primarily operates. When a person becomes incorporated, he is allotted certain protections from the activities of the business. The person is immune from debts, assets and legal aspects of the incorporated business. People usually become incorporated within the first year of business operations.

Find your state's secretary of state website (see Resources). Click on "Business Filings." Then click on "Filing Forms and Fees." You will then see a list of links pertaining to different types of business structures like limited partnerships and trusts. These are all different types of filings handled by your state's secretary of state office. Click on the link for professional corporations.

Download the form needed for the initial articles of incorporation filings for your state. You will notice the fee that you will send in with your completed form. Send this fee in the form of a check or money order.

Fill out the name of your corporation, the city in which it is located and the date you are mailing the articles of incorporation. Write out a brief description of the business in the appropriate blank. Then enter information about yourself as the sole shareholder, because you are becoming incorporated yourself. Write your name and then write 100 percent shares in the blank that asks for the percentage of shares the individual holds.

Write information about yourself, like your name, address and phone number. Do not include any social security or employee identification numbers on this form. The articles of incorporation are a matter of public record and anyone can view these forms.

Hire an accountant or attorney to act as the statutory agent of your incorprated company. Have the accountant or attorney fill out basic information about himself, including his name and address in the spots that request it on the Original Appointment of Statutory Agent Form. Have him then sign the document.

Mail the documents to the business filings office at your state's secretary of state building. Once your forms are processed, you will receive a letter in the mail confirming your incorporation.