Punch cards are a great way to advertise your business and encourage repeat customers. Shoppers or clients who make purchases or obtain services can acquire punches for dollars spent or per visit to your business. Once they have reached the specified number of punches on their card, customers may receive a discounted item or free service, keeping them coming back time after time. If you have a computer, printer and Microsoft Publisher, you can make punch cards yourself and watch your business bloom.

Things You Will Need
  • Microsoft Publisher

  • Printer

  • Card stock

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

Step 1.

Open Microsoft Publisher. In the "New Publication" task pane, expand "Blank Publications" by clicking the arrow to its left. Double-click "Business Cards." It will appear that one business card opens in the window. However, the changes you make to this business card will create an entire sheet of the same cards.

Step 2.

Insert a text box into the business card. Go to the "Insert" menu and click on "Text Box." Drag the text box into the center of the business card, which will be a punch card, leaving a 1-inch margin around each side of the text box.

Step 3.

Choose a font by going to the "Format" menu and clicking on "Font." Select a font style, color and other options. Make sure the text is large enough to be legible. A 10-point font is a good size. Enter basic information such as your business name and address, and what the customer will receive once the punch card is completely filled.

Step 4.

Enter an AutoShape that will represent where the holes should be punched. Go to the Drawing toolbar and click on "AutoShapes." Choose the shape you want and drag it into the upper left corner. Right-click the AutoShape and click "Add Text." Type in the dollar amount or service required to receive a punch.

Step 5.

Right-click the AutoShape and click "Copy." Right-click the space to the right of the first shape and click "Paste." Continue pasting the shapes into the 1-inch margin around the text box. Print the sheet of punch cards and cut them apart using scissors. Use the hole punch to punch the specified areas when a customer meets the requirements.


You can change the color of your AutoShape by right-clicking it and choosing "Format AutoShape." Change the color on the "Colors and Lines" tab. You may want to put different numbers or services into various hole punch areas.