How to Create a Photography Sales Website

Your photography sales website will allow you to sell prints or license stock photos online to a broad market of photo buyers. The buyers range from people collecting art from their home to creative directors for major publications. You will learn how to create a website to sell your photography using a turnkey, all-in-one, hosting solution. Do it yourself from scratch, or hire someone to build you a custom site.

Identify the photos you would like to sell. These should be high resolution. Typically, prints are made at 300 dots per inch (DPI). If your images are digital files, export them at 300 DPI. If you are scanning prints, negatives or transparencies (slides), scan them at 300 DPI. You must legally be allowed to sell the photos you put online. These photos may be your own (assuming you have not sold the copyright or exclusive use to someone else) or the photos of another that you have either purchased the copyright from or licensed the images for sale.

Choose a company to host your site. There are many sites that are designed specifically for photographers to sell their work, or you can create your own site from scratch. You can even host your site on your own computer, but unless you have a very high-speed connection and know what you are doing this, may not be a good choice to keep a reliable business site running.

Upload your photos, and customize your storefront. Know your customers. Choose print sizes that will best serve those interested in buying prints of your photos. If you are selling stock photos, organize them well so your customers can find them easily. Making your store look unique to your style will help reinforce your brand with customers and keep them coming back for more.

Market your website. Let past customers, friends and family know about your new site. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get more people to view your site and buy your work. Use effective keywords to assist in getting your page ranked higher and more accurately by search engines so that the right customers can find your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done by yourself or by specialists you can hire. Don't spend large amounts of money before trying less expensive (or free) marketing options.

Keep your site fresh. It would be great to get your new site up and wait for the money to roll in. However, the more you keep your site stocked with your latest and greatest photos, the more you increase your chances of success.


  • Find cheap or free ways to market your site, like word of mouth by friends, family and colleagues.
    Give out lots of flyers and business cards to promote your site and your photography.


  • Don't sell photos you don't have the rights to. Don't spend money on marketing unless you need to.