How to Start Your Own Home Delivery Service

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A home delivery service is one of the easiest businesses for a young entrepreneur to start on their own. There is little setup cost and there is a huge demand. Busy office workers, new moms, and retired men and women could all use a little help every once and a while. Your challenge, if you want to establish a delivery business, is to get your services in front of them.

Get yourself a decent looking and decent running vehicle. Although you should probably have at least an SUV in case you need to haul larger things, a regular car will work fine for a startup home delivery service business.

Grab a free clip art picture of a delivery van or delivery person and make a flier that you can post on bulletin boards and in the newspaper advertising your services. It should read "Home Delivery Service" on the first line. Then add a little bit about what you will deliver, your name and how to reach you. Include some details about what you will carry -- for example, if you have a weight limit or a distance limit, state that.

Place your flier in strategic locations. Grocery stores are ideal because people love using a home delivery service for food. Retirement homes are also perfect because a lot of those folks don't drive or even own a vehicle.

Try to combine errands. If someone wants a delivery at 2 p.m. and someone else wants a delivery at 6, see if you can deliver the later one a bit early. Especially in the beginning, combining orders helps your home delivery service save some money.


  • Get a cell phone and use it exclusively for your home delivery service company. That way your customers can reach you any time they need you. Don't hesitate to charge extra for odd-hour deliveries or holiday deliveries.


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