WebEX conference calls allow anyone with an Internet connection to participate or listen in on a meeting, training session or sales presentation wherever they may be. Built-in conference call recording and playback options make WebEX especially useful to small businesses, because a free account allows for only three live connections per call. Before getting started, you will need to choose a plan, set up an account and have your username and password handy.

Things You Will Need
  • WebEX account

  • Email address for participants

Step 1.

Type "yourbusinessname.webex.com" in your browser’s address bar to access your private WebEX account.

Step 2.

Click the “host log In” button. After entering your username and password, WebEX will open by default to a dashboard-style page.

Step 3.

Click the “meeting center” tab located in the top navigation menu on the dashboard page.

Step 4.

Select the “schedule a meeting” option, located in the “host meetings” section of the left-side navigation bar, to open the “schedule a WebEX meeting” page.

Step 5.

Enter conference call details, including the topic, date, time and duration of the call.

Step 6.

Enter the email addresses for conference call participants, separating each one with a comma or semicolon.

Step 7.

Type the full conference call agenda, or a condensed version, if the full agenda includes more than 1,200 characters. As an alternative, use the “attach files” option, located just beneath the agenda text box, to upload the meeting agenda as a separate file.

Step 8.

Place a check mark in the “record this meeting" box if you want to record the call.

Step 9.

Click the "schedule it" button located on the bottom right-hand side of the page.


Once you schedule a conference call, WebEX will send each participant an invitation via email. The invitation will include instructions, conference call details and the access telephone number. If your business uses Microsoft Outlook, participants have the option to accept or reject the invitation, as well as add the meeting to their Outlook calendars.