How to Make Money Writing Ebooks

Individuals can earn income from a large variety of business ideas on the Internet, including writing ebooks. Unlike the traditional book publishing process, writers can publish their digital books on their own in less time and still have the ability to reach a large number of people. However, ebook writers must handle every aspect of the publishing by themselves, including marketing. The ability to keep a much larger percentage of the revenue than is possible with traditional book publishers may far outweigh this drawback.

Determine a subject matter that you feel comfortable writing about and select a topic. If you are not sure what to write about, examine current news and popular magazines. Identify a popular topic and research it until you have acquired enough information to write an ebook.

Write the first draft of the ebook. Read it to correct any errors. Revise the ebook as many times as you need to until you are satisfied with it. It is helpful to have a friend or a professional proofreader read your work. Use the suggestions for further improvement.

Upload your ebook to an online self-publishing service. These include companies such as Amazon, Lulu and Xlibris. Self-publishing sites allow members to publish their work at no charge in exchange for a moderate percentage of each sale.

Advertise your ebook online and off line. For instance, post a link to your ebook page on forums, on social networking websites and on your blog. You could also advertise in the local newspaper, post fliers and distribute business cards containing the address of your ebook page,

Sell your ebook through affiliates. Connect with affiliates through affiliate marketing programs like Commission Junction and Clickbank. Affiliates advertise products on behalf of the owner in exchange for a percentage of each sale.

Earn money writing ebooks for other people if you are not interested in writing your own. You may advertise your ghostwriting services online or off line.