How to Rent Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are useful for reaching areas not easily accessible with a standard ladder. They have a large basket crane that is capable of safely lifting a couple workers and their tools. The most common use is in utility and phone wiring jobs. You may need to rent one for a project. Here is a guideline to assist you.

Determine what size bucket you will need. A single bucket holds three hundred to three hundred fifty pounds. The larger double bucket can lift up to seven hundred and fifty pounds.

Figure out how high the bucket (basket crane/cherry picker/boom lift) will need to reach. Tell the rental company about your project and find out their recommendations.

Think about how much you can spend on the bucket truck rental. Depending on the length of time you need it, leasing may be a better option if your project lasts longer than a couple weeks. Get a few quotes from some rental companies before making a decision.

Find out if you will need to hire an operator. It is a necessary expense if your employees do not have experience operating a basket crane. Many rental companies offer this service as an option.

Consider the type of truck you will need since it will depend on your working conditions and personal preferences.There are options for the transmission, make of the truck or fuel type. You may also have a preference on whether or not the truck runs with a hydraulic or electric system.

Buy commercial/auto liability insurance before you rent a bucket truck. These types of vehicles are expensive and costly to repair.

Make sure your employees have a valid driver license to drive the truck. A standard class C license will be good for most bucket trucks less than 26,000 pounds. If the vehicle weighs more, a commercial driver license is needed.

Find out about the tool storage options. Depending on the project, you may need a larger or specialized space to hold the equipment you need.

Ask the rental company about service and repair options. If something goes wrong with the vehicle, you want to make sure that any repairs needed do not cost you time or money. Find out if they can replace the vehicle at your location if there is a problem.


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