A liquor license is absolutely mandatory for anyone who wants to sell alcohol in any form, be it at a restaurant or store. In the state of Arkansas, these licenses are regulated by the Alcohol Beverage Control Division (ABC) office of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. The process to apply is quite simple, but a smaller commission has the final say over the applicants.

Contact the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration Division in Little Rock, Arkansas, to inform the group that you want to apply for a liquor license. The office has a website, which is listed here, but you can’t apply for your license online. The website will give you more information on the process.

Ensure that you meet all the requirements of the state before you apply. Arkansas requires that those applying for a liquor license be free of criminal convictions, that their location has the ability to seat at least 50 people at one time and that you meet certain financial requirements.

Determine which category you fall under, since Arkansas has several categories of liquor licenses. The licenses aren’t the same, but rather are based on the type of business operated. For example, those opening a restaurant inside a motel fall under a different category than those operating a private club or a liquor store.

Ask for an application from the ABC office in Little Rock. In some situations, you may be able to have the application sent to you if you live a significant distance away from the office. Otherwise, request an application from the head office.

Complete your application using all information required by the state of Arkansas, and include any other information they need. You’ll probably need to include a copy of your state ID such as a driver’s license, and you may need to undergo a background or fingerprint check.


Be wary of any website that claims you can download the application. The state of Arkansas currently doesn’t have an electronic application available.


Even if you fill out the application correctly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be approved for a liquor license. The state allows a five-party commission to make the final decision, which they base on a number of factors.