How to Keep a dog Grooming Business Clean. Running a dog grooming business can be a very rewarding and fun enterprise. Taking shaggy pooches and making them look beautiful is a challenge, but a bigger obstacle is keeping your business clean. The mess left from grooming dogs can be overwhelming, and a dirty store can hurt business and the dogs you care for.

Things You Will Need
  • Broom

  • Dust pan

  • Trash bags

  • Mop

  • Mop bucket

  • Pet air freshener

  • Air cleaners

  • Soap and water

Sweep up the trimmed fur constantly. It is unappealing to see trimmed fur on your shop's floor. Not to mention it may be unsanitary if a trimmed dog has fleas. Sweep up after each trim and dispose of the hair in the trash.

Clean up any urine or feces left by a dog in your grooming station. Soak up and dispose of any debris left by the dog, and then use a high-powered cleaner designed to eliminate the germs associated with pet waste.

Mop the floor daily or more frequently. Use hot water and soap to destroy any bacteria and germs your clients may have tracked into your grooming stations. In addition, hand wash any tables or cages the dogs spend time in, as they may also be dirty.

Purchase professional strength air cleaners designed to eliminate pet odor. Wet dogs, urine and general dirtiness may leave your grooming business with an unpleasant smell. Using high powered air fresheners will keep your shop smelling like a place customers will want to come back to.

Scour the drains for pet hair. Even though you have swept and mopped, the long, coarse hair many dogs have is apt to shed and clog drains used to shampoo dogs. Pick the drains clean of hair and dispose of the hair in the same receptacle you use for sweeping up loose hair on the floor.