How to Register a Business Name in Arkansas

There are many important elements in starting your own business. These factors vary depending on what kind of business you are operating. There are limited liability corporations (LLC), sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Each of these business types are very different from one another and require different kinds of permits and registration. The filing process varies depending on what type of business you own. It also varies depending on which state the business is operating in. One very important step is to register the business name. These steps will show you how to complete this registration process in the state of Arkansas.

Choose a name for your business.

Print the DBA ("Doing Business As") form. You can find this form on your county's court house website or on the secretary of state's website. You may also pick up the form in person from your county clerk. The form simply states that you intend to operate your business under the specific assumed name you've chosen.

Sign the form in front of a notary public. This is a legal requirement for filing a DBA in Arkansas.

Pay the twenty-five dollar registration fee to the county clerk.

File the DBA certificate with the county clerk. You may do this in person or mail in the form along with the registration fee.


  • File your articles for incorporation with the Secretary of State. If you are forming a corporation or LLC, you will need to file your articles for incorporation. You can print the necessary forms on the Arkansas Secretary of State website. Once your business is incorporated, the name will be registered automatically. If you plan to operate your business under your legal name, you are not required to file any legal forms to register the name.


  • Remember to renew your DBA certificate every five years.