How to Apply for a Colorado Sales Tax ID

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Each state imposes taxes on certain types of sales, though the rules differ from one state to the next. Businesses that sell taxable goods in Colorado are required to collect sales tax from customers and remit it to the state. The sale or lease of tangible goods is subject to sales tax in Colorado. Examples of tangible property include clothing, furniture, vehicles and jewelry. Colorado does not impose sales tax on most personal services such as haircuts, home repairs and consulting. However, if you sell products in connection with a personal service, you might still be required to collect tax on the sale of the products.

Types of Colorado Sales Tax Licenses

Ways to Apply

Colorado Sales Tax Reports

Filing Frequency

In Colorado, if you collect less than $15 in sales tax each month, you’ll file an annual return. If your business collects less than $300 in sales tax per month, you’ll file a quarterly return, and if your business collects more than $300 in sales tax per month, you’ll file monthly. After your filing frequency is established, you must continue to file on that schedule until the state tells you to file on a different schedule, even if you collect zero sales tax in a particular month.