How to Start an Interior Decorating Business

An interior decorating company is a business you can start with no college degree and little investment. People want to beautify their homes and offices. Unfortunately, many don't have the time, nor the talent. Hence, they hire an interior decorating company to completely transform their bland space. If this sounds like a promising career opportunity, read on to learn how to start an interior decorating business.

Train your eye. To be a successful interior designer, you need an eye for design. Fortunately, you can train yourself. Read books on design or watch home interior design shows. Even if you already have an eye for design, there's always room for improvement.

Take a few design classes. Although you don't need a degree to start an interior decorating business, you may consider taking a few design classes. Thus, you'll learn about different design styles and how to achieve different looks.

Re-design your home. If you're starting an interior design business with little experience, start at home. In other words, you can become your first client. Completely re-design rooms in your home. Practice with different styles and technique. Take before and after pictures and build your portfolio.

Practice on your friends and relatives. Potential customers want to see a portfolio. Unfortunately, re-designing your home isn't enough. Ask friends and relatives for help. Offer to re-decorate a room in their home. It's ideal to include samples of different rooms in your portfolio.

Work for an interior design firm. Before starting your business, look for entry-level employment or an internship with a design firm. In turn, you'll gain actual work and business experience.

Get a business license. Once you've ready to launch your own business, make a trip to city hall and apply for a business license.

Advertise your service. Growing a business takes time. Be patient. Experiment with various advertising mediums such as direct mail, fliers and classified ads. You may want to approach a few businesses (lawyer offices, doctor offices, boutiques, among others) and offer your services. Keep a stack of business cards with you.