Silicone wristbands have become all the rage with tweens and teens these days. Even adults are getting in on the cool trend. They come in every color imaginable, they make a fashion statement, they help raise awareness for important cuases, and they are inexpensive.

Silicone wristbands are also a blank canvas for about anything a person wants to say. You can have them personalized with almost anything at many stores by doing an Internet search. The problem is that there is usually a minimum order of 500 to 1000 bracelets. This can be an expensive option if you are only wanting one or two bracelets.

Another option is to do your own custom lettering and artwork on a blank silicone wristband. Blank wristbands can be purchased at most discount stores, dollar stores, even some convenience stores sell them for a very small amount.

Things You Will Need
  • Silicone wristband

  • Colored permanent markers

This process is so simple that you only need two things, a silicone wristband and one or more colored permanent markers. Double wristband to flatten on work surface. With first permanent marker color, draw or write desired words or patterns.

Let marker ink completely dry.

Repeat step one being sure to let each colored permanent marker ink dry before using another color. This will assure that there are no smears on your bracelet.

Slip your new silicone wristband on your wrist or give away to someone who will appreciate it as much as you do.