How to Advertise Your Garage Sale, Tag Sale, Moving Sale or Yard Sale

Getting ready for a yard sale is a lot of work, so you want to make sure you draw plenty of people to your sale to score big profits. The more, the merrier: Not just the number of people who shop, but the number of people setting up tables with items for sale. Whether you go it alone or make the sale a community effort, however, success depends not only on an ample selection of goods for sale but also on getting the word out.

Use large, florescent poster board and fat felt markers for those signs that you will place along sidewalks and streets. Tape or staple them to poles (be sure to remove all materials when the sale is over) or attach them to wooden stakes.

Put an ad in the paper. In some locations you may do this for free. Many community newspapers offer free ads in the classified section for garage sales, yard sales, etc. Some even provide signs as a public service.

Post fliers at neighborhood gas stations and convenient stores.

Place signs on all heavily trafficked streets and at all intersections.

Ask managers in stores where you shop to allow you to post fliers about your sale on their bulletin boards — those to which the public has access as well as those for employees.

Advertise by word of mouth. Let your neighbors know you're having a sale and see if they want to join forces with you. A street with four or five sales in a row will attract more potential customers.

Utilize free advertising. Many people like to use Craigslist to sell larger items. Do this, but instead of having a contact number, tell them to scope out the merchandise in person at your upcoming garage sale.


  • Check with your city before placing any signs--some towns have strict policies on signage placement.


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