How to Make Money with a Grocery Delivery Business

Looking to start a business with great potential to make money? Consider grocery shopping and grocery delivery businesses. With the right planning, effort and investment, you might be able to start a booming business. The following provides insight and tips for getting started..

Creating a business plan is one of the hardest parts for people wanting to create a new business. However, it's essential to have at least the basic concept of your business on paper. For a profitable grocery delivery service, make brief plan of what your company will do and how it will do it. List goals.

Conduct research. Call your local business bureau to find out what licensing, if any, is required your business to have. Many states don't require anything more than registering for sales tax identification. Also, call the agency that oversees tobacco and alcohol sales. These are popular items that will probably be requested by some of your customers. Many states have no special rules about delivering these items, but it's best to be sure.

Target your areas served. To make money and cut gas expenses, first try targeting residential communities and complexes. Apartment communities for the elderly are good options because they minimize gas consumption by having so many people in one place. Also, because so many elderly people struggle with mobility and transportation, they are great potential customers.

Advertise and spread the word about your business. Use fliers, mailers or business cards. Include information about the service you are providing, the fees you offer and the times your service is available to a given area. Post your advertisements in your target areas. Don't forget the contact information. Also, talk to local organizations for the elderly. They know many seniors who would benefit from this service. Ask if you can leave fliers with their agency.

Keep jobs organized by location and schedule your delivery time accordingly. You can make a great deal of money if you are able to minimize driving. Delivering to one customer at a time will waste your time and gas money.

Once your customers have provided a list of groceries for you to purchase on their behalf, take the time to make sure you get exactly what they want. You will have to organize your purchases, money and receipts. Once you have purchased the items, deliver them to each customer with a smile. They're probably very happy to see you.

Once you have mastered the art of professional grocery shopping and delivery, consider ways to expand your services. You can charge a fee to put groceries away for your customers. You can also look into prescription medication delivery. Think of ways your service can improve the quality of life for home-bound customers.


  • Check the laws and regulations in your state. You can do this by phone. Remember that shopping for multiple customers in close proximity to each other will make you a lot more money. Build a good reputation for yourself and business will grow. Use a fuel-efficient vehicle for more gas savings.


  • Don't shop and deliver one customer at a time as this will hurt your profit margin. Always maintain a professional appearance. Make sure you have written permission when using credit or debit on someone else' behalf.


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