How to Open a Water Park

How to Open a Water Park. Water parks are a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day. Opening a water park can be a profitable business. You have to do your research and plan carefully so that your new business will be the best.

Work with a business consultant to determine if a water park in your area is a feasible investment. The consultant can weigh the initial costs and potential return in the first few years.

Pick a large area to house your water park. Keep in mind that the attractions at a water park are large. Making sure that you have ample room for your attractions will help make planning your layout easier. A business consultant can help you out on this if needed.

Decide on your attractions. Keep in mind that you need to have a variety of options for your customers. Children, teens and adults will all want to have fun. You may have some elderly or disabled customers who will want to have fun too.

Consider your amenities. You may want to have a meeting room for corporate events or birthday parties. A restaurant, lockers and a gift shop are some other options.

Plan the layout of your park. You can work with a consultant or architect to do this. Make sure that you have areas where your customers can cool off if they get overheated. Shaded areas or air conditioned building are good options. Remember to place bathrooms in high traffic areas of the park.

Get insurance. You need to make sure that your investment is protected. Some areas will have laws that stipulate the minimum amount of insurance you are required to carry.

Hire qualified staff members. Your staff should all be certified to perform CPR. Make sure that you have trained, certified and experienced lifeguards on duty at all times when the park is open.

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