Successfully decorating your flower shop is critical for your store's success. Your front window is particularly important -- this area showcases your products and talents. Keep in mind, you're selling an aesthetic product and you need to made a good impression to attract potential customers in from the street.

Step 1.

Create a window display that's representative of the plants and flowers you sell. Add as many plants as you can, so if a passerby is searching for a particular plant, she'll be drawn in the front door.

Step 2.

Develop a color scheme if you have a hodgepodge of plants and flowers in your front display. Choose the brightest color for the center of the display, then work outward with similar hues. For example, if yellow is your central color, surround it with oranges and reds, then move on to purples and blues.

Step 3.

Place flowers you want to quickly sell at your customers' eye level. Keep the most popular plants near the back of the store to encourage your customers to travel through the entire store.

Step 4.

Make your displays representative of the season. Take advantage of poinsettias in December. Create red, white and blue displays for late June and early July. Don't be afraid to add seasonal details to your displays that aren't floral, such as jack-o-lanterns or American flags.

Step 5.

Use only live plants in your displays, even if you sell artificial plants and silk flowers. Artificial plants can appear dull, and your customers miss out on the lovely smells that emanate from live displays.

Step 6.

Select your lighting carefully. You want your displays to be illuminated without taking away the natural colors of the flowers. Consider incandescent lighting that mimics natural light.