How to Take Orders Over the Internet. Ecommerce allows just about anything to be sold online. It is possible to set up a Web store and to take orders in a variety of ways. The site needs a way for customers to choose exactly what they want and to pay for it easily. A system that is too difficult can cause customers to seek out a different site and place their orders elsewhere.

Step 1.

Choose a method of accepting payments. You can use PayPal to take orders, or you can get your own merchant accounts. Through PayPal, you can accept most credit cards and can also take echecks. The fees, however, are higher. With your own merchant accounts, there will be higher set-up fees but the per-transaction fee will be lower. If you prefer neither, look for other, smaller companies that will allow you to take payments, such as 2Checkout.

Step 2.

Use an online shopping cart to allow customers to order everything they want at the same time. You can also use individual payment buttons to allow customers to order what they want and pay for each item on the spot. There are free shopping carts available online, such as Zen Cart, that allows you to uploaded the cart to your site. Your customers can order multiple items and pay once for all of them. PayPal also has a cart system available.

Step 3.

Take orders through an encrypted site if you are using your own merchant accounts to take Internet orders. You will need a secure ordering page so that customers can send their credit card information through the site without having it intercepted by a third party.