How to Start a Furniture Delivery Business

by Contributor - Updated September 26, 2017

How to Start a Furniture Delivery Business. If you have a truck, a dolly and a strong back, you can start a furniture delivery service. While people rent trucks by the day or the hour and pick up their own furniture, they usually will prefer to have someone take all that hassle out of their hands, especially if they also have to hire helpers.

Make friends with a manager and the salespeople at a few small independent furniture stores. Privately owned retail stores don't typically have all delivery crews on staff. And they also are not tied to corporate restriction for delivery drivers that bigger chains have. The salespeople will gladly send business your way if you prove to them you can be reliable and not mess up the furniture.

Spend a little time and money and get personal liability insurance and insurance to cover any damages that might happen to the furniture. Get a business license. These items will help you overcome any objections that stores might have in recommending you to clients.

Invest in a personal cell phone and a portable GPS system for your truck so can avoid getting lost. If the GPS system is too expensive, then get detailed maps (key maps) of the area that you plan to deliver to. A cell phone is invaluable for keeping touch with your delivery customers and the furniture store clients while on the road.

Offer to assemble furniture and you can double the number of places where you might find jobs. For instance, moving companies will relocate the furniture for a homeowner or business, but they stop short when it comes to assembly. Let local moving and hauling firms know about your service and offer to partner with them.

Set up a fee structure that covers your expenses and provides you with some profit. Include cost of gas and helpers in your fee. Develop an accounting system to keep track of your expenses and income.

Paint the side of your truck with your name and phone number and a line about your business. Come up with a catchy name and people will see you on the road and call.

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