How to Promote a House Painting Business

How to Promote a House Painting Business. There is a lot of demand for house painting services. Homeowners, remodeling contractors, real estate agents, real estate investors and apartment management services all need the skills of an experienced painter from time to time. The key to success is knowing how to promote your house painting business so that others can find you.

Partner with established building contractors, home investors and real estate agents. Ask these contacts to refer your services whenever clients need to hire painters, and to outsource your painting services when they perform big remodeling jobs that might include painting services.

Advertise your services in the wanted section of your local newspaper to promote your house painting business. Advertise your house painting services on Craig's List in your area for free. Submit an advertisement to your local Yellow Pages to promote your house painting business so that consumers can easily find you.

Distribute fliers and business cards to local home improvement and hardware stores to promote your house painting business.

Ask current clients if you can post a company sign in their yard as you paint their home's exterior, and see if they will allow you to leave it there for a couple weeks after you complete the job. Offer a promotional discount to those who allow you to advertise your business this way.


  • Collect client references and testimonials for future clients. Take pictures of your best work and create both a physical and online portfolio so prospective clients can review your work.

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