How to Start a Muffin Business. The success of a new business depends on the level of detail the business owners use in the preparation and formulation of the business. In order to open a successful specialty bakery, a muffin business, the plans need to address every detail.

Things You Will Need
  • Menu

  • Business plan

Join a professional baking organization to gain feedback, guidance and advice about the industry. Retail Bakers of America is an organization that offers member listings on its website and has annual conferences to promote networking and introduction of the latest baking trends.

Find the best location for a muffin business. Watch the traffic patterns of several possible locations to see which ones provide the best traffic during morning/breakfast hours when muffins sell the most.

Develop a menu that appeals to your local clientele. Also consider hiring a local marketing research firm to conduct taste tests or focus groups of possible menu items. Even after the muffin business opens, continually tweak the menu items and remove items that do not sell or only offer seasonal items when the ingredients are in season. All of these measures aim is to save the business money.

Create the marketing plan explaining the relationship between the target consumer, the distribution system and competition. Download a marketing plan template to help determine marketing and advertising needs and budget. Revise the plan annually accounting for product, price, promotion and distribution changes that affect future profits.

Write a business plan that includes all of the information you have collected. The business plan needs to also address how you define your muffin business customer, how you plan to market to that customer, what you forecast your revenue and profits to be for the first five years, the start-up equipment like ovens and muffins pans, the permits needed and the human capital necessary to get the business off the ground.

Secure financial support from banks or investors using your business plan. Also, contact the Small Business Administration to learn what your particular options are-women or minority owned business.

Hire bakers from local pastry programs at Community Colleges or technical schools. Work with the schools to offer internships or college credit to save overhead wage costs. In addition, run ads in local neighborhood papers for more permanent positions such as bookkeeper or managers. Create a training manual that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities and procedures for the muffin business. Review and update the manual at least annually.


Consider purchasing refurbished or used equipment to reduce start-up costs.