With such growth in the seniors market, the need for senior centers will explode nationally over the next few years and represents a great investment. But there are a number of things to consider if that is a business that is of interest.\n\nHere are a few of those points that will demand your attention as you start a senior center.

Be prepared to get the necessary licenses and pass a background check before you proceed. In a number of states, you'll need to go through hoops including completing a large amount of paperwork.

Determine the optimum number of senior citizens you can care for in your proposed facility. This will help you determine what to charge and the breadth of services you will offer.

Make your senior center fire-safe. Make sure you have working fire detectors in all critical areas of the center and follow the local regulations religiously. Be aware of the importance your local community places on the safety of your clientele, and expect both scheduled and impromptu visits to make sure that your center complies.