How to Build a Kissing Booth

There are a number of ways to build a kissing booth using metal, wood, fabric or cardboard. This article describes how to build a kissing booth using an old refrigerator box. The advantages of this method are that it is from recyclable material, quick and inexpensive to make and lightweight. Since it is lightweight, it is easy to transport and you can wear it. The main disadvantage of this method is that the booth will last only as long as the cardboard from which it came.

Obtain a refrigerator box that is in great condition. Your best bet is to head to a refrigerator retailer and ask an employee for one.

Pick one side of the box to be the front and measure 6 inches from the top of the box. Draw a straight line widthwise at the 6-inch mark and then cut a square that extends about two feet down, or however far down you want the kissing booth opening to be. The square should be nearly the width of the box, with a 2-inch margin on either side.

Paint the entire box. You can use tempura or poster paints to make your kissing booth unique and amazing. Many people paint three of the sides one color and the front a different color.

Stencil, paint or write the words “KISS ME” along with a price (e.g. $1.00) across the top of the kissing booth, in the 6-inch space at the top.

Decorate the kissing booth using more paint, ribbons, flowers, pictures or drawings. For example, you could cut out magazine pictures and collage the whole box or paint it pink and then paint red lips all over it. You can also hang curtains across the opening. Be creative!

Set your kissing booth up and open for business. When you are ready to close up shop, cut some armholes in the sides and use it for your next costume party.


  • Make sure whoever staffs your booth has fresh breath!