How to Lead a Sales Team Effectively

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Lead a Sales Team Effectively

How to Lead a Sales Team Effectively. It takes skill and smarts to lead a sales team effectively and the reality is that failure to do so will affect your wallet. Leading and motivating a sales team takes practical knowledge, common sense and good training to be successful. Make the job easier by following a few proven strategies to bring in the sales and have a happier sales team.

Step 1

Start by hiring the right people for the job. Not everyone is a born salesperson but finding enthusiastic employees who are eager to learn the business can go a long ways toward meeting your sales goals.

Step 2

Set clearly defined and achievable team and individual sales goals. Goals that can't be met are the surest way to lower morale on a sales team. But be careful not to set the bar too low. Goals should reflect seasonal sales trends and the employees' growth curve.

Step 3

Create an effective training schedule designed to provide real-world solutions a salesperson is likely to find helpful. Offer feedback on performance both good and bad in a constructive manner.

Step 4

Understand changes or trends that affect your sales team from inside and out. New team members need time to fit in while new competition from outside can require a reworking of current sales strategy.

Step 5

Motivate your sales team by providing daily, weekly or monthly financial incentives. This can include trips, items or the standard cash incentive. Recognize team and individual efforts on a regular and predetermined schedule.

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