How to Sign a Business Letter

Not sure how to sign a business letter appropriately? Closing your business letter in a professional manner will improve your communications. Follow a few simple steps to ensure that you're signing a business letter the right way.

End your business letter with a professional close, such as “Regards” or “Sincerely,” followed by a comma. Do not try to be cute or unconventional with your closing.

Press “Enter” four times to leave a blank area for your signature.


Type your full name. Press “Enter” and type your title or position in the company, if appropriate. If you're including additional documents with your letter, press “Enter” twice, and type “Enclosure.”


Sign your name within the blank area. Use a fine- or medium-point pen. Sign your name in a normal size; do not make your signature too large or small for the space.



  • Choose a professional closing you are comfortable with and use that closing for all your business communications to save time.

    Do not indent your closing with extra spaces.


  • Stick with common, professional business closings. If you want to be innovative, present your original ideas in the letter; do not use unconventional or emotional closings.


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